We here wanted to take a moment and put a spotlight on the amazing women of our team. We asked them to tell us something about their origin story, from their name to what a day off looks like for them. They all have one thing in common. They are the ones that bring balance, love, and passion into play with everything they do!

Thank you, you amazing individuals for being the passionate force to be reckoned with!



Before I got married and into PC gaming, I always went by DixieRebel in mobile games.  After getting married and becoming interested in some of the games my husband was playing, he said I should make a name that had "penguin" in it since that was part of his gamer tag. That's how RebelPenguina came into being.

If I am being honest I have not started creating content yet. But once life settles down some I would love to start.

I was a moderator for a streamer that I knew and followed for a while because I went to high school with him.  Sometimes I'd hear him say stuff like "I'll shout you out in a second." usually when he was in the middle of a fire fight. I like to be able to do little things like that for streamers so they can focus a little more on their content creation and not have to worry too much about making sure shoutouts happen in stream.  That allows them to focus and just worry about doing verbal shoutouts.

Besides some occasional gaming of my own, I love going hiking with my dog.  Although, once it gets above 90 degrees where I live, not so much.

Days off. Usually sleeping in till about 10 or 11am but that's gonna change really soon as I am currently waiting to go into labor as I write this all out.  After baby comes, my days off will probably be non existent.

I have only ever regularly played games on PC.I enjoy helping people out in any way that I can. When it comes to streamers, I've helped them by buying some gear as they were just getting started, subscribing or progressing hype trains if I can.

I'm not very good at games that most of our streamers play but I'll join if I have the game and they're having to run solo. It helps them have more content and interaction with people during the streams which can make it more interesting and sometimes funny.


I do tend to be pretty quiet and stay behind the scenes.  If I can help with something like coming up with ideas for giveaways and such, let me know.  I might even be able to help you get something made where I work.

The first game I can remember playing was a Jane's WWII plane simulator that my dad used to have.  He even got a flight stick for it too.  Sometimes he'd let my brother and I play for a little while but I always remember that I liked playing more than my brother.  That game ended up helping me later on in life.  During our first year wedding anniversary/vacation, my husband and I ended up at a gaming arcade in Lakewood, CA.  He liked a specific racing game and still had a card for the game from playing years ago when he used to go all the time.  I found a game that modern day war plane dog fighting.  After every level, I qualified for the bonus levels until I eventually ran out of tokens.  When it came time to put my name on the leaderboard, I was #7. My husband had found me by that time and was impressed.

It has always been Warframe.  It was the first game that I really found interesting and have played since 2014.  It is a bit grind-y and I haven't been as active in the last year or so (you know cause.... Baby), but I do try to keep up with the news and have enjoyed the development progression so far.

As gamers, we all come from different walks of lives and backgrounds.  But I love how the gaming world brings us all together.  I have met some of the nicest, chill and cool people in gaming. Just like in real life, we have to remember to be kind to one another. If we all help each other out and are kind with our words, we can help in our own small way to make this world a better place.