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Together a Family

Family can be a fairly broad term to use. To most people it would most likely mean blood relatives closely related to you like your mother, father, siblings. To others it might be a small group of their closest friends. Either way you look at it family can be extremely important.

Blood relatives can be the best and also the worst kind of family. It feels like it can go either way really hard. For the most part, hopefully, they are there for you and support you through thick and thin. Unfortunately that isn't always the situation though. There are times when they can act like you owe something to them even if you feel like you don't. This can be problematic because sometimes they can even convince you that you owe them something even if you don't. That is just the hold that blood family can have over you and you may not even realize it before you're to a point you can't take it anymore.

Understand that it may sound like I'm discouraging relationships with blood family, but that isn't the case. There definitely are some positives to them as well. There may be times that blood family is all you have and you should appreciate them. Some people may have a hard time meeting new friends or just expressing themselves in general to other people making it hard to find family outside of their immediate family. Sometimes though family can be bad to take advantage of that. Like anything there are pros and cons, and they're different for everybody.

Sometimes it can be easier to find family in friends. It seems like a lot of times that kind of family can be less judgmental of you and give you more personal freedom to be who you are or want to be. Maybe not always but it seems like a lot of the times that can be the case. It can be tough at times though because that family may not always feel obligated to keep your best interest at heart. Which is okay because that is their prerogative, but it doesn't always feel good to you.

Family is extremely important though and can be what makes you or breaks you. I have 2 families. I have my wife and kids who I love more than anything in the world and would do anything for. Then I have Shadow Pack Gaming who has helped me out more than they know. I can't even compare the 2 though because they both help me in their own ways. One thing they have in common though is that I always wish that I could do more, and no matter how much I do for them I will always wish I did more. That's what family is for me though, and always will be.

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