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How My life changed with 2 German Shepherds

Adding a German Shepherd dog to your household is a life-changing decision. Adding 2, now that’s life altering. This is not a decision to be taken lightly, because life will forever be different with a German Shepherd puppy, and then an adult running around requiring doggy proofing of the home (which will continue into adulthood, lol, but so worth it). Boundaries for the first year or more, active training from the whole family, and so much more. All this hard work and effort are rewarding and one of the best things that has ever happened to me was our family being started with my 2 German shepherds Mavis and Ramsey. As I look back now I couldn’t imagine a life without them, and I can’t even remember a time when I didn’t have them. Now you may have started to ask, well this all amazing what are some of the down sides? Just how will your life change when you add a German Shepherd your household? Let me Describe some things that we have now become accustomed to each and everyday as we navigate our lives with 2 German Shepherds.

There will be HAIR everywhere, so you will have to sweep a couple times a day probably just

to attempt to keep up with it. While shedding can vary depending on the plushness of the dogs coat, you will wanna also invest in a good vacuum designed for animal hair so it doesn’t tangle up in the motor. With this breed, they are cuddly and lovable and need human interaction so keeping them outside won’t solve your problem. Stepping on toys, keeping up baby gates, and making sure to buy industrial strength toys is definitely something we had to be aware off ( this was after buying like 6 squeaky Pigs that were destroyed in like 2 days, supposedly extra tough for big dogs, lol! Our Next big tackle DOORS!

Can you live your life with all the doors open? German shepherds are herders. Because of this, they want to have eyes on all of their people all of the time. Yes, this includes when you're sleeping and using the bathroom. My 2 German shepherds Hate it by girl Mavis has even figured out how to open the door, so she can get in anyways and come and sit by us while we shower or anything.

How attached are you to your personal possessions? My dogs (especially my boy Ramsey who is younger) are very good at destroying things, especially during the frustrating adolescent phase. We've lost I couldn’t even tell you how many things sometimes I think we come down in the morning just assuming that were going to find something, but even that I wouldn’t change… ( except maybe not my furniture,lol).

This is a cool fact I just found out as well. “Neuropsychologist researcher Stanley Coren did a study on canine intelligence. His book, The Intelligence of Dogs, ranks German shepherds as the third most intelligent dog breed, behind the Border Collie and the poodle.” While I may disagree with his ranking, I strongly believe that my dog is smarter than most people. Sure, having a super smart dog sounds great, but always trying to stay one step ahead of your dog is exhausting.

German shepherds (ok, all dogs really) are great at worming their way into your heart. They're loving, loyal, goofy companions. They take up all the covers and bed, they shed, they give you NO privacy or bubble area lol, but they’ll give you kisses whenever your feeling sad they always wanna play if you had a rough day putting a smile on your face. It doesn't matter how bad the day is, dogs are always happy to see you. They make you laugh, comfort you when you're feeling bad and think that spending time with you is the best. thing. ever! They don't care how much you make or what kind of car you drive. They just want you and I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world, even if I do have to spend the rest of my life vacuuming! Here's a pic of our 2 pups!

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