We've seen the Moms, the women, the Dads. The only ones left, are the bunch of up-to-no-good, full of banter, jolly, and amazing individuals that are the men of this team. From mechanics to chefs and all inbetween. We would be a quiet bunch without the rowdy, loud, troublemaking man-children we all love. Let's get to know the rest of the pack!




Off shoot of my Real Name

Officially Since 2014

Something I always wanted to do. Was in Drama in High School and fell in love with production.

Martial Arts

I'm a Dad so I don't know what a day off is.

I play XBox, Instagram and my website mostly.

I’m not perfect by any means and I always try to seek balance in all that I do. I love Martial Arts in all it’s forms. I’m a big Will Smith fan, currently that debatable after the slap. I love old school Kung Fu Movies.

Super Mario Bro's

I’m currently grinding CoD Zombies but it’s not my favorite. I spent a lot of time in Destiny, Outriders, and CoD but I’d have to say my all time fav franchise if I had to pick one is Mass Effect.

In everything you do, let it be IRL or Digital Life, do it for the love of it not because you feel pressured to or you think it’ll make you money, the final product will always tell if you were passionate about it or not.